Join The Team - United Church
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Each week an incredible team of volunteers gives their time, talent and energy to help make United Church a place where people can feel at home.  Joining a volunteer team is one of the best and most exciting ways to get plugged in at United. The community that you experience as a result of serving alongside others and the joy that comes from serving on behalf of a cause greater than oneself are just two great reasons to get involved.


Join us for our next Volunteer Tour to learn more about the culture, vision and community at United and to catch a glimpse of what it looks like to be a part of the United Team.  All are welcome!  There are various areas to get involved including;




Helping United attenders and guests feel welcomed and at home.  Ensuring the best experience for people as they come to church.  From hospitality and greeting to ushers, parking and set up, this team leads the charge in creating an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. 

Using creativity and the arts to aid in the mission of United Church, “helping people connect to God” and is essential in creating the atmosphere for worship experiences.  From photography, film and graphic design to music, scripts, lighting and production, this team uses creative talents to inspire curiosity and  point people to Jesus.

Encouraging the next generation to love God by coming alongside families and creating safe, irresistible and transformational environments for kids on Sundays.  Providing trusted care, great resources, and creative and engaging curriculum and activities for various age groups.