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All Inclusive

Jesus prayed that the church would be one, so we strive for unity. We believe the kingdom of God is truly diverse and that diversity is the fullest expression of the gospel. We are united by the basic essentials of the Christian faith and come together as people of all socio-economic, racial, ethnic, political and cultural backgrounds, choosing not to be divided by any man-made “rules” or “traditions”.


Community Impact

We believe that one of the best ways to show God’s love is by coming together and taking action to impact our local and global communities. We partner with and champion the efforts of non-profits and organizations that share our heart to change our community for the better.



Jesus said that by our unity and love for one another, the world would know his love. God calls us to not only work alongside and live alongside people who are different than us, but to worship and serve with those who look different, who grew up differently, and who live differently. This kind of love requires intentionality, putting ourselves in one another’s shoes, getting uncomfortable, fighting for freedom together, and continuing to ask questions that help ensure that everyone who is a part of United feels represented and valued. We celebrate diversity while being united by the one thing that brings everyone together – the love of Jesus.



Kids and students matter. They matter to God and they matter to us. And because of that, we want to help them win–in their relationships at home, at school, in their neighborhoods, and ultimately in their relationship with Jesus. We want to point kids and students to Jesus and help them win by listening to them, by investing in them, by celebrating them, and by showing up in their lives.


Others First

Jesus came from heaven as the Son of God, and lived his life as a servant. He did this because he was thinking of all of us first. He wanted all of us to be able to experience God’s love and have a relationship with him. Our prayer is that we would strive to live lives defined by putting others first, that others might experience what Jesus’ love is like.


Pursue Growth

Jesus includes everyone and invites all people into a relationship with him, teaching, “Come as you arebut don’t stay that way” because the best life he has for us involves becoming more like him.  That means pursuing growth. We want to build a culture where we are all alway asking, “What am I doing to pursueWhat’s my next step in finding and following Jesus?”