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Find and Follow Jesus

In many ways, baptism is the starting point for a life of faith and choosing to find and follow Jesus every day of our lives. Our baptism is when we publicly announce this decision to “jump in” and follow him for the rest of our lives.

Part of God’s Family

Baptism is, in a sense, the starting gun for the marathon that is pursuing Jesus for a lifetime. It’s when we publicly declare and share with others that we are a part of God’s family, adopted as his child and redeemed from our brokenness.

Life Change

Yet baptism is more than just the starting point of our faith. Through baptism we identify with Jesus in his death, burial, and resurrection. In a sense, we are buried with Christ, allowing our sin to die with him, and we are raised with Christ to new life, cleansed and forgiven through him.

Learn More

Whether you are just checking out this whole Jesus thing, hearing about baptism for the first time, or have been following Jesus your whole life, we want to help you as you continue to find and follow Jesus.


Download our Baptism Guide to learn more, listen to a message that talks through what baptism is & why it’s important, connect with us and share your questions, or let us know you’re interested in getting baptized. We’d love to have a conversation with you and help you as you explore this next step in your relationship with Jesus.