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We are monitoring the news of COVID-19, and will continue to post updates on this page. A few things we want to highlight:


We have resumed in-person gatherings and are gathering inside, with masks, at 30% capacity at Northminster Campus (705 Main Street, Reisterstown) on Sundays at 10:30AM.  


Online gatherings will continue indefinitely, so that those who are not able to gather in-person at that time can still participate. Join us live on Youtube, Sundays at 10:30AM.


We are continuing to meet in small groups throughout the week. Some groups are meeting over Zoom, and others are meeting in-person, outside, as the weather permits. Join a group here.


The church’s mission doesn’t change in the midst of a pandemic. This is great opportunity for the church to be a light in our world. Below you’ll find ways you can love your neighbor, serve the community, and give to support our partners.


We will continue to follow the latest updates and communicate with you based on information from local leadership.

Let’s remain prayerful in this time and turn to God for peace and wisdom, trusting him in all things.

A list of resources available in our community designed to help your family through COVID-19:

A flyer to help you check in with your neighbors and let them know you are FOR them:

Ways you can serve while abiding by social distancing recommendations:

To give to support our local partners at the school pantries & Alpha Pregnancy Center, click below and write “COVID Community Impact” in the memo:

COVID-19 Series