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Are you a student in 6th-12th grade? Have you been going to church for a while, or not so much? Either way, we hope you’ll come hang out with us. Multiple churches from our community have come together to create a fun environment for students like you to meet others and explore exciting and challenging topics.

Did we mention fun? We will have games galore and prizes to be won. Free dinner will be provided. Join us and come hang with some great leaders as we make friends, learn, and grow. What’ve you got to lose?

Upcoming Gatherings

WHO: Students, grades 6th-12th

WHEN: **Due to the coronavirus, we are not able to gather in person at this time. Check back for updates and Zoom gatherings.

HOSTED BY: United Church, Horizon, Longview Bible Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Transformation of Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes & Campus Life


If you love hanging out with students, investing in the next generation, and sharing Jesus’ love with them, we’d love for you to be a part of this. Let us know if you’re interested and we can start the conversation about what it looks like to lead students in this community group context.


If you have questions or would like for your student to be a part of this, click the button below to contact our Community Impact Director, Leah Schultz.


What will my student be participating in?

Students will have plenty of free time to play games, hang out with other students, and have the option to eat dinner provided. We will have a time of large group followed by a time of small group. During large group students will interact with games, engage in some friendly competition, and learn from inspirational speakers. The goal of large group is to set up fun and meaningful discussions for small group. Small groups include students from the same grades and gender, ideally led by two leaders. This gives students the opportunity to develop a group of Christian friends which leads to further encouragement and community.

What’s the vision behind the Community Student Nights?

To create a place for teens to connect with other teens, from their own community, who are also following Jesus.

Are there steps in place to ensure of student’s safety?

We have recruited leaders that we know and trust. All leaders will be background checked before being able to serve with students.

Who will my student’s leader be?

Leaders are volunteers who have chosen to spend time connecting with students. They are put through a training and are trusted by the churches. Small groups are separated by gender and grades.

Can my student invite friends?

Of course, and actually we encourage it. The more the merrier! This environment is made to be inviting and welcoming to all students.

Who can I contact given I have more questions?

For more information, please contact our Community Impact Director, Leah Schultz, at