What To Expect - United Church
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Music too loud.  Kids having more fun that should be allowed.  People trying not to take themselves too seriously.

Welcome to United, where we are all about helping people know and follow Jesus. We believe God wants us to live the best lives possible, and we would love to help you figure out what that looks like. No one’s perfect around here–we’re just real people talking about God in real life ways.


If you’re new here, we want you to know you’re in a safe place to explore a relationship with God. We’d love to come alongside you and help you in any way we can. From our Sunday mornings to our kids’ program, to our volunteer teams, and community events, we want to help you connect with God.


Here is what you can expect when visiting United…


We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and no one’s ever complained about enjoying themselves too much at church.


Every Sunday gathering we spend time singing songs to God and about God, and we invite you to sing along, if you’re comfortable. Don’t worry, the band’s loud enough to cover any rough notes.


We are a church that speaks your language, so we’ll do our best to talk about God in real ways that everyone can understand.  Teaching is from the Bible and is practical so that it impacts your life no matter where you are at on your spiritual journey.

United Kids

A fun, safe, off the charts environment is available for your kids.  Once they check it out, they’ll be pulling you out of bed to bring them back.

Black Tent

Look out for the black tent and hosts who are ready to help you find your way around United and have a great time.  When you stop by the tent after our gathering we have a free gift for you.  It’s our way of saying, “thanks for coming!”