Minor Prophets, Major Message Pt. 2 - United Church
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Minor Prophets, Major Message Pt. 2


In this teaching series, we dive into some of the most-often skipped books of the Bible – the prophetic books.

Throughout this series, we’ll look at these men who were assigned to call people back into relationship with God in a really unique way, what they had to say, and how it all came true and pointed to the greater story of God. We’ll also talk about how what they foretold applies to us today.

In part 2, we look at the book of Zechariah. We see God’s call to return to him, walk through eight visions, and look at the prophecies that point to a future king and kingdom. In this, we’re reminded of just how big God’s story is and we’re challenged to ask these two questions: Will I be a willing subject or resistant rebel to Jesus & Will I share the news of Christ with others or keep it to myself?

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