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Be a Part of Something Big

Did you know that over 40% of the U.S. population lives in the Northeast? If you’re reading this and you live in the Northeast, you’re probably thinking, “That makes a LOT of sense.”

I grew up in the Northeast and I’ll admit, that statistic doesn’t surprise me at all. However, for me, the defining characteristic isn’t how populated it is. It’s how many people feel broken and aren’t connected to God.

While 40% percent of the U.S. population lives here, 60% of the Northeast is unchurched. A lot of people have never been to church, have had a bad experience, or have felt like the church just wants something from them.

That is why we are starting United Church in Owings Mills, MD. We want all people in this area to know that the church is for them and that God is for them. We believe that knowing Jesus loves you and wants you to be a part of his story changes everything.

But, here’s the thing, 90% of the population of Owings Mills doesn’t go to church – 30% higher than the regional average. I can’t reach all those people on my own. Our staff team can’t reach all those people on our own. Only God can, and he wants to work through the lives of many people to do that because each person who makes up that 90% is someone Jesus loves.

We have the incredible opportunity to be a part of that–to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and to share the best news ever with this community.

That is why we are building a launch team–a group of people committed to helping start a new church.  Some might join the team for 6 months, some 1-2 years.  Others will call United Church their home and join indefinitely.  Each person is crucial to helping connect people to God.

So, we’ve broken it down and are encouraging each person who’d like to join the launch team to consider making 4 commitments:

  • God – Be open to following God and growing in your relationship with Him
  • Gather – Come to our Reimagine Church Nights and think about joining a small group
  • Go – Go out into the community and invite people to experience United
  • Give – Be generous with what God has given you–in your time, ability, finances, and other resources

At our next Reimagine Church Night, Sunday, June 4, we will have our first formal opportunity for people to communicate that they would like to be a part of the launch team. No interview or resume required. Just a desire to be part of what God is doing and show people in our community that we are for them and God is for them.

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