Skeptics Wanted Pt. 4 - United Church
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Skeptics Wanted Pt. 4


We live in a skeptical culture.

When we see commercials or ads, we automatically wonder whether or not they are going to deliver on their promises.

When we make new friends, we are skeptical and wonder if they’re going to stick around.

When it comes to faith, we have questions too – hang-ups and things that keep us from following Jesus.

At United, we want to talk about those questions together and look at who the real God is.

In this installment, we look at the hang-up: I want to believe in God but life isn’t fair.We talk about how, while God is a just God and doesn’t cause unfair things to happen, he uses things that aren’t fair in life to shape and strengthen us, drawing us closer to him. And, we talk about how when we celebrate Jesus, we celebrate the greatest unfair act of all – when an innocent man died for the sins of all those who weren’t innocent.

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