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When You Hear “Church”

Church is boring. Judgmental. Exclusive. Inapplicable. Out of touch. Hypocritical.

As we’ve talked to people about what they think of church, this is the image they have.  But, it’s far from the picture Jesus gives us of what church is supposed to look like. That’s why we want to Reimagine Church.

We aren’t looking to reinvent church or do something that’s never been done. We just want to return to Jesus’ original vision for the church – people who come together to connect with God.

  1. We see that the early church in Acts did life together and took care of each other, overwhelmed by the joy of God’s love (Acts 2.42-46). That’s church reimagined. 
  2. We also see that all people are loved by God and invited to be a part of the church (Col. 3.11). When the church welcomes people of all groups, backgrounds, race, socioeconomic status, and age, that’s church reimagined.
  3. And, Jesus showed us that church isn’t for perfect people – it’s for imperfect people. He spent his time on earth with sinners, outcasts, and broken people (Mark 2.13-17). But, by God’s grace, all of us are invited into a relationship with him and given a chance at new life. When the church proclaims redemption instead of perfection, that’s church reimagined.

We want United to be a church for people who don’t go to church. We want to to Reimagine Church for them and create a place that is fun, welcoming, applicable, and down-to-earth. This Sunday, April 9, we will have the first of six Reimagine Church Nights where we do just that! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free dinner from a local restaurant
  • Conversation and fun
  • An exciting staff announcement
  • More about #UnitedFOR
  • Activities and programming for kids

Details: Sunday, April 9 |  4PM | The Old Post Office @ 14 East Chatsworth Avenue, Reisterstown, MD

In honor of O’s Opening Day, we’ll be wearing our favorite baseball teams, and we’d love to see yours! Hope to see you there.

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